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Adaptiiv and Xiel share very similar beliefs, and that is providing the best solutions to customers who ultimately can then deliver the most effective care to the patient.

We are delighted to have partnered with Adaptiiv to shape the future of healthcare through the supply of innovative and transformational solutions that create life changing outcomes for patients.

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11 sites so far using Adaptiiv Radiotherapy equipment.

Providing personalised healthcare and precise treatment like never before with Adaptiiv streamlined software.

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About the Adaptiiv Range


Adaptiiv software can convert DICOM data taken from patient CT scans and turn them into a digital model which can be printed, no matter how large, small, or complex. There is no intensive training required to use Adaptiiv’s software enabled solution which fully integrates with existing treatment planning systems.


Adaptiiv provide the 3D printers and materials, or centers can use their own. There is no need for centers to outsource patient data in order to create devices—when the hardware is combined with Adaptiiv software, centers are able to care for patients immediately in-house and adapt to treatment changes quickly. Plus, Adaptiiv’s printers go through a rigorous QC process adapted for printing medical devices.

Printed Materials

Adaptiiv 3D boluses are created to conform perfectly to individual body shapes. Adaptiiv recommended filaments go through a QC process unique to printing accessory medical devices. In addition, Adaptiiv take pride in printing their devices from recycled plastic. Adaptiiv also track inventory and restock materials so centers and patients worry about what’s most important.

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