Mammographic Accreditation Phantom Publications

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Berns, Eric, A., PhD, Hendrick, Edwards, R., PhD, FACR, Technical Evaluation of Foam Pads in Mammography.  Poster presented at NCBC, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2004.


Imamura K, et al. Synchrotron Radiation Imaging Showed Cracking-Like Structures in ACR-Approved Mammography Phantoms. Poster presented at annual AAPM meeting, 2003; Poster# TH-C24A08.


Geise RA, Palchevsky A. Composition of mammographic phantom materials. Radiology. 1996; 198(2):347-350. View


Chakraborty DP. Quantitative versus subjective evaluation of mammography accreditation phantom images. Medical Physics. 1995; 22(2). View


Adam Wang ; Edward Shapiro ; Sungwon Yoon ; Arundhuti Ganguly ; Cesar Proano, et al.
” Asymmetric scatter kernels for software-based scatter correction of gridless mammography “, Proc. SPIE 9412, Medical Imaging 2015: Physics of Medical Imaging, 94121I (March 18, 2015); doi:10.1117/12.2081501; View