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CIVCO Radiotherapy

We are delighted to represent CIVCO Radiotherapy and share their mission to improve outcomes for patients and healthcare providers by providing high-quality, innovative, patient-centric radiotherapy solutions and to be the leading innovative partner in radiotherapy solutions in the UK, Ireland and worldwide.

About the Civco Range

The CIVCO range of radiation therapy patient positioning and immobilisation products are highly researched and engineered and have a significant UK market share.

The extensive range includes products like the Universal Couchtop™ which improves the overall delivery of radiotherapy and improves the patient experience, through to low cost thermoplastic masks which, whilst low cost, are also designed and tested to achieve the highest standards of both function and patient comfort.  

For the once in every few years capital purchase, there are various well-designed overlays, and several key products created purely for stereotactic radiosurgery – SBRT, SABR, SRS, and SRT.  The breastboards, bellyboards and hip and pelvic boards are extremely popular in the UK and alongside breast positioning, pelvic positioning, head and neck immobilisation, Feetfix™, Kneefix™ 3, radiotherapy cushions, and abdominal compression mean CIVCO have a market-leading range of patient positioning and immobilisation products. 

In addition to radiotherapy capital purchases, there is a range of high volume patient-based consumables such as bolus and fiducial markers resulting in customers depending on excellent service and products from CIVCO and Xiel on a daily basis here in the UK.   The wide range of radiotherapy patient positioning and patient immobilisation extends to all modes of radiotherapy including proton therapy, robotics and MRI guided.

“We are delighted to partner with Xiel Ltd for the distribution of CIVCO Radiotherapy solutions in the U.K. The Xiel team has significant industry experience and are passionately committed to providing the highest level of customer service, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care. We are extremely happy to have them represent CIVCO Radiotherapy’s brand.”

Nat Geissel

President, CIVCO Radiotherapy

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