Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Partner with Sun Nuclear and Xiel in the UK

by | Feb 7, 2020

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre partner with Sun Nuclear and Xiel in the UK

Xiel are delighted that Clatterbridge Cancer Centre has chosen Sun Nuclear as their primary partner for their brand-new hospital in the heart of Liverpool.

Clatterbridge Cancer Centre Delighted

Carl Rowbottom, Head of Physics at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre said of the partnership ‘We are delighted to have partnered further with Sun Nuclear and Xiel in acquiring a number of their software and hardware solutions. After a period of working very closely with Sun Nuclear and Xiel on the SunCHECK platform we are very pleased to have now moved to be a full Sun Nuclear reference site for all software and hardware.’

SunCHECK Platform

After an extensive period of testing of the SunCHECK Platform on three linacs, the department decided to roll out the software across all sites and become a SunCHECK reference centre. The team cited a massive improvement in automation and ease of use over their previous software-based solution as key motivator for adopting SunCHECK.

Sun Nuclear Partnership

As part of planning for a new centre, the site explored various partners for QA hardware and again chose the Sun Nuclear solutions to assist with both their commissioning and routine QA.

Carl said of the journey so far ‘both Sun Nuclear and Xiel have been excellent in their regular interaction with us and genuinely care as to how the solutions can help us. We look forward to continuing our close working relationship into the future.’