by | Sep 11, 2020


NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH! – Temporary patient marker! An easy and temporary application device for patient reference points, dedicated to radiotherapy, is now CE marked and available in the UK- introducing the CIVCO Comfort Marker 2.0 developed by Medical Precision B.V. Improve your patient’s radiotherapy journey with this revolutionary reference point device which brings a new level of comfort to a patient’s radiotherapy journey. Controlled depth injection means less pain for your patient compared to other common marking methods. Offering depth injection options between 0.2-0.7 mm, the device gives patient reference points that are temporary and fade over time.

  Patient benefits of the CIVCO Comfort Marker 2.0

  • the points are temporary and fade over time or can be removed by laser after treatment is complete, meaning no permanent marking memories for the patient
  • gentle and controlled injection of pigment into the skin meaning less pain for the patient than common methods keeping them more relaxed and improving the patient’s journey

    Clinician benefits of the CIVCO Comfort Marker 2.0

  • fast, clean, disposable needle module minimising risk of needle stick incidents
  • charged device allows it to be flexibly used and portable around the CT room
  • the device is safe and simple with mistake proof indication of depth settings minimising risk of the wrong setting/depth being usedClick here for instructional video
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