New Quart Nonius Digital QA solution for x-ray imaging systems – a reliable and accurate replacement for Gafchromic film-based QA!

by | Aug 3, 2020

Future proof and modernise your QA of x-ray field size and geometry. The QUART Nonius is an easy to use and very sophisticated Digital Electronic Ruler to accurately measure size and geometrical properties of x-ray fields.

Accuracy/resolution is 0.1mm and results are instantaneously displayed graphically for easy analysis on a connected Windows laptop computer, hard copy, and digital record of analysis.

For time saving and evidential purposes, measurements can be digitally stored and recalled for later further analysis or copy/pasted, for example to an Excel spreadsheet.

This means that the Nonius is an extremely viable and cost-effective alternative to conventional film-based techniques for confirmation of precise correspondence of the location of visible set-up indicators and the radiation field.

It can also be used to analyse the properties and check tolerances and compliance of fan-beam fields.

Its versatility encompasses radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography, DBT, CT and CBCT, and Dental OPG.

The Nonius has been recently updated with a new ’serial’ feature.  This can be used to precisely track the shift of field edges within a scan field, tomo applications, such as mammographic tomosynthesis.
Having problems sourcing radiochromic film? Try the Quart Nonius!